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Annual maintenance Contract

Customer can be rest assured for the best Service and Quality

Whether you need a regular IT service contract or special emergency IT support, we can tailor a service and support solution to uniform your requirements.

Computer and equipment’s maintenance in Dubai covers such a wide scope, it’s physically impossible to list every single service Worldstar IT LLC could provide. One thing's for sure though, if you don't take care of your equipment, it won't take care of you - And this as most of us know happens when we need our AMC services.

Service detail

Keeping your complex IT environment running at peak productivity can be challenging—and expensive in material of Small / Medium / Large Network. As your trusted, single source for maintenance services for all you IT products, we offer accountability and management to help improve availability and reduce costs through more efficient contract management. We start with an understanding of your business needs and then design a customized support.

The Support Desk Service Plan

The Support Desk Service Plan is a Break / Fix plan where you call us when needed and is designed for the Small Office / Home Office where the operations are not computer dependent and up time and productivity are not a primary concern the support Desk plan provides a support desk email address to submit your service requests. The tech will respond to your request and come in remotely with your permission to service your needs.


  • Provides a single point of ownership for problems
  • Delivers skills and experience across a broad range of technologies
  • Reduces costs and improves efficiency of managing multiple vendor contracts, contacts and invoices


Service Benefit

  • Remote problem diagnosis and support
  • Onsite hardware support
  • Materials and parts included
  • Choice of coverage windows
  • Choice of response times or call-to-repair
  • Work to completion
  • Escalation management
  • Access to electronic support information and services
  • Electronic remote support
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Defective material retention (optional, for eligible products only)
  • Call-to-repair time commitments
  • Enhanced parts inventory management
  • Upfront audit
  • Electronic remote support, advanced configuration
  • Increased business productivity due to improved uptime
  • Increased return on your IT investment
  • Convenient onsite support
  • High-quality support backed
  • Reliable response times and predictable repair times
  • More effective IT resource planning and enhanced staff productivity
  • A consistent level of hardware support across multi-technology systems

When you are facing a small problems we can be solved over the phone; we have technicians available to talk you through the solution, fast and efficient way to solve small problems.

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