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Our vision is

Our vision is

to become the recognized industry leader by our customers in the Information technology and CCTV Security related businesses in which we compete." More than anything, we considered the requirements of clients and also doing. Now we are moving by this vision.


The SCB-9051 is a cost-effective and stable night vision camera equipped with a microbolometer thermal imaging sensor. Unlike visual cameras, a thermal camera senses heat that is naturally radiated from any animate object.  This makes them very effective for applications with no artificial lighting.  The SCB-9050 has a 50mm lens which gives it a 9.2° horizontal field of view.  The camera is integrated into an IP66 rated environmental enclosure.


Key Features:

  • Outstanding 1km detection without lighting : SCB-9051
  • Min. discernable temperature of 0.08°C
  • Built-in 50mm, 0.47mrad. Color pattern
  • OSD, RS-485, IP66, 24V AC
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